Re: [gtk-perl-xs] A bug with CellRenderer?

"Ross McFarland" <rwmcfa1 neces com> writes:

i, for one, don't really like that solution, because now you carry
that to every file.

me too

the next option is to define these as constants in the Pango
module, but you'd have to refer to them with a package name (or
export them, which i would rather not do), a la

i like this one

i don't like any of those, so you get what you've got.

any better ideas?

personally i would vote for having them defined as EXPORT_OK symbols
in the perl modules,

i like this one too but i would exporting them in EXPORT_TAGS under
the Pango tag so that only those who wants them import them.

that way they don't really cost anything or clog up the name space
unless you ask for them. you can either import the constants use
Gtk2 qw/PANGO_WEIGHT_BOLD etc/ or refer just to them as
Gtk2::Pango->WEIGHT_BOLD.  at least something of that nature. i
don't really think apps should have to know what the values are,
beyond that it's dangerous if the value were to change. the perl
module could even have code to get them from the c libraries at
compile if it was deemed nec.

of course

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