Re: [PATCH] supportig ->set_uposition

"muppet" <scott asofyet org> writes:

this patch had support for gtk_widget_set_uposition().
i do know it's deprecated but we need it for the drakx
installer. unlike some other deprecated api, there's no
replacement for setting position other than centered.

the workaround is to realize and then move the window.

the changes from 1.2 to 2.0 document says
"gtk_widget_set_uposition() is deprecated; use gtk_window_move(),
gtk_fixed_put(), or gtk_layout_put() instead."

moving the code to realize callback is not a big work to do, thanks.

gtk_window_move is new since gtk-2.0.x

this came up a while back in a discussion about how to restore saved
window positions[1], and isn't specific to gtk2-perl... .  the
problem is that window managers can ignore the initial request, and
i've had them ignore the uposition request rather insistently.  if
you are in control of the window manager (or, in the case of the
installer, you aren't using a window manager?)  then you should be
assured that you can get this to work.

we use aewm-drakx (a stripped down[1] version of aewm with keyboard focus
added), so yes, we control it :-)

[1] the already small aewm, gives a tiny WM (source < 4Kl, binary <
    8KB) when stripped down of nearly everything.

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