Re: [BUG] TreeModel->move_before() eats all cpu time

"Ross McFarland" <rwmcfa1 neces com> writes:

while porting drakperm (from drakxtools), i saw that
Gtk2::TreeModel->move_after() works smoothly whereas move_before()
makes the Gtk2::TreeModel->program going bad (that is eating all
the cpu time ...)

the wrappers for Gtk2::TreeStore->move_(before/after) are simple,
identical, and have no custom code, which for the most part means:
provided you are using them correctly if you're seeing a bug it's at
the gtk c level.

strange that the same code works fine[1] on my test machine with
inline perl and does not work anymore on my own box with gtk2-perl-xs

the only changes in that app were mainly stopping doing mm for iterators:

Attachment: perm.diff
Description: Text Data

when i run it, i can move down the rows in the list. but as soon as i
try to move up one row, it stopped on the Gtk2::TreeModel->move_before
line.  look for the following line in the above patch:
        "$model->move_before($iter, $prev_iter);"

root vador mdk/gi/perl-install # ./standalone/drakperm
K 01
K 02
K 03
K 04
K 05
K 06
K 07
K 08
<here gtk2-perl-xs god mad>

[1] i just recheck in order to check that that was not a new bug in
    the tool

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