Re: [PATCH] make Gtk2::Gdk->get_default_root_window() usable

"muppet" <scott asofyet org> writes:

the class parameter in the usage statement is the one on the left
side of the arrow when called as a method.  whatever's on the left
side of the arrow gets passed as the first parameter, and in this
instance, the actual XS function ignores its only parameter, which
is required only to allow the method syntax.  if i remove the
argument from the XS declaration, the method syntax ceases to work.

do you not see this behavior?  are you sure that the XS declaration
in GdkWindow.xs is the only one you have?  (you earlier sent a patch
which included that function in Gdk.xs)

well, it works now, so i suppose this was the result of such mismerge
... :-( (keeping hand patching and short-circuiting rpm build to make
faster the process of having usable drakxtools with new -xs tree)

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