Re: gtk2-perl-xs on Mandrake?

muppet <scott asofyet org> writes:

had discussed something like this with ggc a while back.  i think
all the X11-specific stuff should go into a separate, optional
module, e.g. Gtk2::Gdk::X11, and similarly for the framebuffer and
win32 stuff.

i'm fine with Gtk2::Gdk::X11. note that i in fact do not care about it
anymore since i founded the more usefull gdk_get_default_root_window,
that is i only care about it because i want a full featured perl-Gtk2
but i do not care anymore as a drakxtools developper since i found a
better function for directly getting a GdkWindow instead of the x11
area id.
i do not understand why gc tryed to reinvent high level functions of
gdk with low level functions of gdk in the first place ...

thankfully, gdk_get_default_root_window() is in gdk proper
(gdkwindow.h), so we don't really have to worry about that yet.


we also need access to PANGO_PIXELS, so a wrapper must me written
in xs.

added this to PangoFont.xs as Gtk2::Pango->PANGO_PIXELS, aliased to
Gtk2::Pango->pixels.  normally it would go in PangoTypes.xs, because
it's in pango-types.h, but PANGO_SCALE was already in there.

thanks .

all this pango stuff has a very inconsistent and ugly interface;
somebody who understands pango well

you dream :-)

should come up with a revision for our perl API for pango.

sadly, sourceforge cvs is quite a pain for me to update :-(

sourceforge has lots of network problem for several weeks
btw, why Gtk2->init does not handle @ARGV now. i had to do the

actually, it *does* handle @ARGV --- it explicitly gets @main::ARGV.
if you need to push or pop other args, work on that one.
gtk-handled args will also be automagically deleted from @ARGV.

yes i figured it out after at home.

i quickly publish my work in progress stuff before catching my
train ... :-)

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