gtk2-perl-xs 0.26 release

it's been two weeks, that means it's time for 0.26. as usual, it's in cvs under the tag rel-0-26, and the files are available for download on sourceforge.

here's the changes and release notes:

Release Name: 0.26

The next stable release on the way towards 1.0. This release includes the first public release of the Gtk2::GladeXML package. Note that Gtk2::Spell is not included in this release because it hasn't changed since it hit 1.00 a while back.

Glib::Object now includes some very spiffy enhancements that make subclassing GObjects/GtkWidgets in perl very easy and practical. Glib::Objects are now represented as hash references; $object->set_data and $object->get_data now only work with unsigned integers, and the preferred way to store data with an object is to put it in the object hash.

Changes to GnomeCanvas include a workaround for a libgnomecanvas but that prevents proper wrapping of Bpaths.

Many bugfixes and minor features for Gtk2, see the changelog for more info.

This is the first public release of Gtk2::GladeXML -- please try it out and report any bugs or missing functionality!

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