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As long as I only have one entry in the menu it wroks perfectly.

Bu I want to add another entry to this menu ( let say an help menu).
And for that point, nothing works.

I've checked to see if the help menu I created was working fine, by only 
inserting it in the menu bar, and it is correct: i get the help item, and 
when clicking on it, it shows the menu, with the apropos button.

The File menu has 2 entries: open and quit, and apperas fine when alone.

But whe I try to put these 2 menus, both of them got all the entries, that is 
to say open, quit and apropos.

I attach both menus to the menu bar with 
$root_menu->set_submenu( $menu ); and 

Has someone an aidea?

It sounds like you're abit confused...
As far as i know, the structure goes a little like this :

I'll simplify the explanation by considering Fichier only.
You first have a GtkMenuBar, in it you have 2 GtkMenuItem (Fichier et Aide).
The Fichier GtkMenuItem contains a GtkMenu (also called Fichier) which contains a GtkMenuItem

C'est aussi vrai pour Aide. Ća peut parraître bizarre, mais c'est comme ća que je
procède pour que ća fonctionne bien... Remarque bien, tu peux utiliser GtkPixmapMenuItem au
lieu de GtkMenuItem.

I also suggest that you use Glade if you have alot of menus to do...


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