Re: More GnomeAbout

This is what I use:

        'program-name',  #executable name goes here
        '0.1',           #version
        'copyright me',  #your copyright notice
        'comments'       #a brief description of your program
        ['me', 'that other guy'], #arrayref of authors

I know i can do it that way,
but the thing is that i thought using GladeXML was cleaner...

I'm not sure, but i think that with Gnome-1.2, the GnomeAbout takes both the name and the version
from the values given at init (Gnome::init($NAME, $NAME, $VERSION)).

Even tho with gnome-2.0 it's more like Gnome2::Program->init ($NAME, $VERSION, 'libgnomeui'); it
seems that GnomeAbout works different.


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