Re: gtk+ 1.2.10, Gtk-Perl 0.7008 -- how the heck do I set initial window position?

On Wed, 2003-01-29 at 07:34, Jonathan I. Kamens wrote:

 it may be that your window is really complicated, and it takes a long
 time between the show and move so that there is flicker,

Twm is anything but "really complicated."

i meant your application window, not your window manager.  the point
there is that more work is involved between the events, exacerbating the
already extant race condition which doesn't show up for simpler windows
such as the one with which i am experimenting.

I'm hiding the window before realizing it, then repositioning it, then
showing it.  That is....

$window->set_usize($width, $height);
$window->set_uposition($x, $y);

This appears to work, at least so far.

from what i can tell, the hide is not necessary.  realize()ing creates
the window on the server, but does not map it (i.e., creates it in a
hidden state).

in my simple example, it even works without the realize; set_uposition
before show is enough.

muppet <scott asofyet org>

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