Re: button children!!

Thanks muppet - that is in fact what I did in the end - I became
extremely bored of looking for the correct method!!!

Maybe you could answer this next one for me ....

I am trying to swap a pixmap with a new one every time a button is
clicked. Is this possible or will I need to use gtkImage??

I have the correct methods for 'clicked' etc and pass the pixmap widget
and label widget I had on the button to the function call.

i.e. $button->signal_connect( "clicked", \&func, \$pixmapwid,
\$label_wid );

What I am trying to do now is replace the pixmap displayed on the


On Tue, 2003-01-28 at 14:16, muppet wrote:
On Tue, 2003-01-28 at 05:39, Andy Ford wrote:
If I do a $button_hbox->children();
and print out the result, I get a value of '2' !!!!

Any suggestions as to which method I could use to do this??

actually, i would suggest a different approach altogether.

instead of trying to walk the widget hierarchy to find the label and
pixmap you want to change, try storing pointers to them in the button
widget itself.

you can use either the object's user data or just make custom keys in
the hash.

$button = Gtk::Button->new;
$hbox = Gtk::HBox->new;
$pixmap = ...
$label = ...
$button->add ( $hbox );
$hbox->pack_start ( $pixmap, ... );
$hbox->pack_start ( $label, ... );

# store important data pointers directly in the widget's data 
# structure so we always have access to them.
$button->{pixmap} = $pixmap;
$button->{label} = $label;

$button->signal_connect ( clicked => sub {
                              my $bn = shift;
                              my $pixmap = $bn->{pixmap};
                              my $label = $bn->{label};
                      } );

and even yet another approach would be to pass the values to the

$button->signal_connect ( clicked => sub {
                              my $bn = shift;
                              my $data = shift;
                              my $label = $data->{label};
                              my $pixmap = $data->{pixmap};
                      }, { pixmap => $pixmap, label => $label } );

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