button children!!

Hi all...

I have used the 'signal connect' method as ...

$button->signal_connect( "clicked", \&support );

The button has a pixmap and a label packed into an hbox, which has been
subsequently added to a button ($button in fact!)

In the function 'support', I do a ...

my $button = shift;
my $button_hbox = $button->children;
print "button_hbox = $button_hbox\n";

This prints out...
button_hbox = Gtk::HBox=HASH(0x8232430) ...

... so I can see that the button has an hbox as a child. What I now need
to do is to get the reference to the pixmap and label packed into this
hbox so I can change them.

If I do a $button_hbox->children();
and print out the result, I get a value of '2' !!!!

Any suggestions as to which method I could use to do this??


Andy Ford 

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