Re: Going nuts with window positioning

On Wed, 2003-01-22 at 01:33, Daniel Lacroix wrote:

For position, I don't even try to retreive it. Why ?
Because it is already done by Gnome (I suppose). App windows always open
at the previous position. Other application sub windows use to be
positionned in the middle of the screen or in the middle of the parent
window. This is generaly what we want.
You also stop trying to position your window
(because some windows managers, don't care about the window position and
you can do nothing against that).

Actually any window manager that implements automatic window positioning
is doing it as a hack. The window manager spec at
doesn't include any mention of that feature. That's why it doesn't work
for me with the Metacity window manager, which doesn't even attempt this
due to Havoc Pennington being the Metacity author and also one of the
maintainers of the window manager spec. I'm guessing you're probably
using Sawfish if it works in GNOME for you. Sawfish does it as a hack,
which is probably part of the reason Havoc wrote Metacity :)

 You can even try if Gtk2 don't have
this window position problem. But for Gtk (and Gtk-Perl) I have never
found a good working solution.

I am *greatly* anticipating porting my app to Gtk2-Perl. :)


Steve Fox

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