Re: Gtk2 - TreeView style

Jörn Reder <joern zyn de> writes:


in Gtk2 the old CTree's line_style and expander_style are gone. But I 
don't like the defaults (no lines and the triangle expanders).

There are a few style properties, but they are read-only, so I can't 
modify them to fit my needs.

These are ro because they are supposed to be defined by the user
electing his theme, if I'm loyally transcripting gtk+ authors
Is changing the style of a TreeView in the scope of themes
only? Or is there any simple possibility to change such things
from my application.

I haven't looked at everything exhaustively, but I think it's
correct to say that it's not possible by a traditional gtk+ API
function call.

Guillaume Cottenceau -

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