perlcc + gtk

Hi everyone!

I'm new in this list, and I need your knowlegde or your opinions.

I'm trying to make an executable application, with GTK/Perl (the interfaces has been created with glade), the program run very well like a script but when I try to compile this with:

perlcc -o test

the return of perlcc is:

/tmp/ccbUHcit.o: In the function `dl_init':
/tmp/ccbUHcit.o(.text+0x16bc37): the reference to `boot_Gtk' is not defined
/tmp/ccbUHcit.o(.text+0x16bc37): the reference to `boot_Data__Dumper' is not defined
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status

Thanks for your help, I apreciate it.


nmag only

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