ListItem selections

I'm having  Gtk2::List  with ListItems in it, but
i'm unable to do selections of anykind. Probably
missing something simple but after browsing perl-gtk2
list and listitem api, couldn't find any suitable
method for getting data or even index of the

Trying to do something like this...

my $list = Gtk2::List->new;
$list->signal_connect('selection_changed' =>

sub group_create {

        my $list=shift; 
        my $maxitem=$#group;
        foreach $k(@group) {
                my $item=Gtk2::ListItem->new($k);

Which should go to ...

sub remove_group {

        my $list = shift;
        # selected selection need to have here
        # and remove it         

But can't get to  work as I can't get the selected
selection. Found from earlier posts $list->selection
method and from gtk2 example tutorial, this method
doesn't seem to be  available at least in perl-gtk2
nor get_selected() (Can't locate object method
"selection" via package "Gtk2::List" at ..) and as
mentioned earlier wasn't found even from the api

I'm Using perl-Gtk2-1.021 and probably missing
something quite trivial in here, but just can't figure
it out.


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