Re: libglade

according to libxml's homepage, it is very portable and has been ported
to pure win32 for quite some time.  the dependency upon gnome-vfs is a

that's very good news.
i think that Perl GTK+-2/GladeXML makes a wonderfull team to build up, at least, prototypes very
very fast (Glade-2 is very easy to use). Having it working on both win32 and gnu/linux (and other
OSes) rocks.
in any case, it is only libglade itself that needs libxml2, *not*

libxml2 already has Perl bindings on CPAN, see XML::LibXML.

perl bindings for libxml2, that shouldn't be necessary, is it ?
i thought that with gtk2, libglade2, libxml2 and, of course, the gtk2-perl bindings, everything
needed was there...


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