Re: Gnome2 0.90 and GnomeUIInfo

On Thursday, December 25, 2003, at 11:04 AM, Torsten Schoenfeld wrote:

The problem with GnomeUIInfo is different though.  The C API provides a
user_data field but the Perl bindings need that field for their own
purposes and therefor it's not available to the Perl developer at all.

the basic problem is that GnomeUIInfo is an API designed for C programmers. binding it is not trivial, and not without problems.

this is all a moot point if you plan to move to gtk+-2.4, whose action-based menus replace GnomeUIInfo and GtkItemFactory. after playing with GtkAction and GtkUIManager for just a little while, i can honestly say that i can't wait. the API reference docs for 2.4 include sections on how to migrate to these new schemes.

as an interesting point, the action-based menu counterpart of GnomeUIInfo, GtkActionEntry, is also a C programmer's API. msg00174.html i have implemented functions matching the gtk documentation in XS in the experimental 2.3.x branch of Gtk2, and they work rather well. per-callback user data simply isn't all that useful, and the availability of closures means we have a simple way around it when per-callback user data *is* necessary.

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