Re: hiding an hscrollbar in a scrolledwindow

you may want to take a look at Gnome2-Vte. it doesn't require gnome2, only

i've looked at the super-minimal docs that i could find, and can't see how
this is meant to be useful.

i think he meant that if you are wanting to watch some process' output, it's
probably easier to run the process in a terminal rather than capture and
display its output in a TextView.

ahh i see, would be  bit of a leap for what i want though, thanks 
though mr ross.

all i want to do is visually hide a scrollbar.

there are tantalizing pointers to the scrollbars in the C structure definition
of GtkScrolledWindow, but the documentation warns us that there are no public
members in the structure and all data access should be done through the
accessor functions... which means we should not bind those two pointers
through to Perl.  sorry.

closest i could see would be to make it and a seperate scrollbar and share 
the adjustment.... pretty useless though.
and since those are owned by the scrolled window and not packed in a box or
anything, i can't really figure out how you'd get to them otherwise.  (unless
you can talk to the guys on gtk-devel or #gtk+ and convince them that there
should be object properties for those widgets.)

There is that much time left in the universe?

i imagine that if you set the scrollbar policy to 'never' and then force the
window to be a certain width, the lines wrap...  is that right?


but i must say that i don't really understand why you want to hide the data
and give no visual indication of how to get it back.  without a scrollbar, how
will people know that the data is there?  why would they think to drag-select
to scroll the window to the right?  it just sounds like an odd idea.  or

It's a debugging log, contains lots of useful information for users, but 
also contains Data::Dumper output of large and very boring data structures 
they won't have any interest in, so i configure Dumper to put it all on a 
single line, so i can look at it if they mail it to me.

i haven't seen your app, so i don't really know. :-)

The most popular gtk2-perl application in the world (i think....?) and you 
don't know it? pah!
if the data needs to be logged, just log it to a file, and if you want or need
to see the details, load the log file.  while logging the data you can pick
out the interesting bits to show in your abbreviated "good parts" display.

hmm... i think i might have seriously missed the point back somewhere... 
good idea.



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