Re: hiding an hscrollbar in a scrolledwindow

Chris Phillips said:
is there a simple way to stop a scrollbar ever appearing on my
scrolledwindow widget? i have tried using the GTK_POLICY_NEVER policy
contant, but rather than just meaning the scrollbar is not there, it means
that it can't actually scroll at all, making my widget about 5000 pixels
wide. basically i am spooling out data that is just not interesting, but
wants to be logged, i have no desire to scroll sideways, i just want the
info to be basically hidden. I'd like it to still behave the same in other
ways, like you can select the text and drag along the line to see it
etc... i just don't want the scrollbar there visually.

you may want to take a look at Gnome2-Vte. it doesn't require gnome2, only


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