Re: hiding an hscrollbar in a scrolledwindow

Chris Phillips said:
you may want to take a look at Gnome2-Vte. it doesn't require gnome2, only

i've looked at the super-minimal docs that i could find, and can't see how
this is meant to be useful. all i want to do is visually hide a scrollbar.

wasn't trying to say that the vte doc would tell you how to hide the scroll
bar. i was saying that vte is a scrolling widget. the terminal widget used in
gnome-terminal. what you seemed to be describing sounded like it behaved as
the terminal widget does. a text buffer with scrollback capibility. i was
suggesting you look at the posibility of using that widget in place of what
ever text widget you are using now. i'm making a lot of assumptions based on
what i thought/think you were describing in your original message. if you want
a text window that has a vertical scroll bar and will let you scroll text by
in front of the user (like a terminal) then you may want to look at using vte.
that's all i was suggesting.


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