Re: Colorize rows in SimpleList ?

* John McDermott <jjm jkintl com>:

Can I set colors on individual rows in a SimpleList?   I want some red, 
some green, etc.  If I can, how do I go about it?

Just create a cell_data_func, and change the "background" and
"foreground" properties of the associated cellrenderer. E.g.:
use constant COLOR_RED   => 0;
use constant COLOR_GREEN => 1;
$treecolumn->set_cell_data_func(sub {
                my ($column, $renderer, $model, $iter) = @_;
                # you could fetch the data from an invisible column,
                # whose value is handled programmatically; or you may
                # act on the content of a visible column, although I do
                # not recommend it.  The rationale for using the former
                # approach is: a cell_data_func should be as fast as
                # possible, since it will be called on every idle cycle.
                my $color = $model->get($iter, COLUMN_COLOR);
                if     (COLOR_RED   eq $color) {
                        $renderer->set_property(background => 'red');
                elseif (COLOR_GREEN eq $color) {
                        $renderer->set_property(background => 'green');

See: Gtk2::TreeViewColumn and Gtk2::CellRendererText.

[Note that the 'background' and 'foreground' properties are available
for Gtk2::CellRendererText only.]


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