Re: libgtk2-perl packages?

        The last I knew, Wolfgang was going take them over and upload them into
unstable. Someone else had filed an ITP as well I noticed, the name
escapes me at this time. The packages are pretty much out of my hands at
this point since I am not a Debian developer, and will not be able to
become one soon.

Keep in mind my packages are a little out of date because I have not
felt the need to update them because I figured they would be going into
unstable soon anyway.

So, feel free to do what you think you must. My packages were kind of a
hack, I won't be hurt if you completely redid them :)

I'm going to CC: this to gtk-perl-list as well just so they have an idea
of what's going on with their work :)


On Thu, 2003-12-11 at 14:53, Gustavo Noronha Silva wrote:

I'm CC:'ing everyone who I feel may be interested in this issue 
and the gtk-gnome list, as this involves the gnome 
desktop/developer platform.

I'm trying to port the GNOME frontend for Debconf to GNOME2 libs 
and found out we *do not* have gnome2 or even gtk2 bindings for 
perl on Debian unstable yet. Notice that libgtk-perl is even 
orphaned, so there're no problems with 'current maintainer'.

You can find my work here:

There's a modified debconf package which uses a preliminary 
GNOME2 frontend. I am using the following unofficial repository, 
with packages created by James Curbo <hannibal adtrw org>:

deb unstable/
deb-src unstable/

The packages seem to be pretty okayish, although I didn't try them 
hard enough.

So I would like to know what happens? Is anyone going to package 
this thing? James, do you want me to upload your packages into 
unstable? Should I proceed and take over?

I'm not familiar with perl at all, but I would really like to see 
this GNOME2 frontend in Debian sarge, so I am willing to learn 
some stuff and work on those packages if noone else is going to.

James Curbo <james teyandei net>
GPG Fingerprint: AA8B D78D 6789 84E2 17A5 0F2A C4CA 6A55 0A4B 263F

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