we need an author maintainer of COBRA::ORBit2 or at the very least someone
who's interested in checking into what's going on here:
that page seems to claim version 2.0 support but if you download what's there
it compiles and runs against version 1.0, orbit-config is a dead give-away.

the first thing that needs doing is contacting the person posting the above
module to cpan to see what the deal is and what the plan is there. if that's
not going to be what it seems to claim then we need someone knowledgable about
the subject to create bindings. you'll have CORBA::ORBit and pyorbit to work
off of so that should help.

if i end up doing it (i know nothing about orbit) i would likely just fuss
with CORBA::ORBit renamed to CORBA::ORBit2 until i got it to compile and
seeming to work against version 2.0. (which may be the right path, but i'd
still rather someone that knows the stuff to do it) beyond that we need a
maintainer as we'll get really busy with Gtk2 getting it ready for the Gnome
Language Bindings release.

anyone want to step up?


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