Re: GLib/GTK2 Win32 installer (Activestate based)

Artūras ?lajus said:
John McDermott wrote:

Now, how do I install the underlying libs?  I guess I get them from  Presumably I need
the "most current".  These are tgz files.  Where do I extract them to?
Which ones do I need?
you could try dropline gtk+ for windows.

in fact, those are the ones that i use to test the cvs builds on win32.  make
sure you get the 2.2.4 binaries.

you may also be interested in GTK-Wimp:

i took some screenshots a little while back, using dropline's 2.2.4 binaries
and gtk-wimp with gtk2-perl.  i meant to post them a long timeago, but it
slipped my mind until tripix reminded me in irc.

that's win2k with some hydra or twin-view or whatever spiffy video-card
drivers adding the extra buttons to the title bars.

muppet <scott at asofyet dot org>

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