Re: right-click on CheckButton

* Nori Heikkinen <nori+gtk-perl maenad net>:

i'm writing a little to-do list program for myself (and, as it always
works out, spending way too much time writing a program to make a list
of things i _really_ should be doing :-P).  i'm using CheckButtons for
each item, and i'd like to be able to open up a little pop-up menu if
one is right-clicked on.  is this functionality there somehow?

You may use the 'button-press-event', and then check if the button code
is 3:

        $check->signal_connect(button_press_event => sub {
                        my ($check, $event) = @_;

                        if (3 eq $event->button)
                                # do your stuff...
                                # block event propagation
                                return TRUE;
                        # let the event chain proceed

[completely untested code, but should work AFAIR...]


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