Re: redone CVS debs

On Thu, 2003-08-07 at 11:57, muppet wrote:
James Curbo said:
One last thing: muppet, at some point I'd like to get the debian/
directories imported into CVS (if you like); this will make it easier
for anyone to create their own packages.

i've been waiting for a patch for ages.  :-)

Haha. Well, I will definitely work you up a patch before 1.0. I don't
think there are a lot of problems with the current debian dirs but I
want to wait regardless.

same goes for anybody who wants to create an rpm spec file or a makefile rule
to run cpan2rpm.

I thought about this for a split second, but I run solely Debian and I
don't think RH/Mandrake/what-have-you users would want gtk2-perl
binaries compiled against Debian unstable... (plus I haven't used rpm in

it would be nice to release 1.0 with a bunch of binary packages.


James Curbo <hannibal adtrw org>

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