Re: gtk-perl-xs $gc->set_dashes

Note: $gcD is an existing, legitimate GC. The statement
(with or without a parameter list) gives the following error:
     Can't locate object method "set_dashes" via package "Gtk2::Gdk::GC"

it wasn't implemented, it is now, and in cvs. it's not really tested, other
than i tried to verify that the parameters were correct. you're testing it if
you've got code that's using it.

there's a decent amount of gc and drawning code left to do (hint, hint to
anyone listening)

Sorry about the piecemeal reporting of problems. All I can do is report them
as I encounter them.

i'm currently going about working on things in some near random order where
something catches my fancy and i go work on it. i don't mind fixing things
people find and want as they run across them so keep them coming.


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