Re: gtk2-perl-xs - changing textview fonts

On Fri, 2003-04-25 at 19:33, Steven Usdansky wrote:
I just downloaded gtk2-perl-xs from CVS yesterday, hoping to translate one of
my old gtk-based C programs into perl, and am at a loss as to how to get a 
Gtk2::TextView to use a fixed font (Courier 12 would be just fine). I'm a
newbie to both perl and gtk2, so any hand-holding would be greatly appreciated.

take a look at Gtk2/examples/

it has code in it that sets the font (as well as popping up a a dialog
to let you choose/preview the font face and size, etc. the only part
that has anything to do with fonts is calendar_select_font.

it's a port and perl-ization of the gtk2 examples/calendar.c program.
it's not 100% complete, but the font related stuff is implemented.


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