Re: [gtk2-perl-xs] Gnome2::About

On tor, 2003-04-24 at 17:17, muppet wrote:
gtk2-perl-xs currently does not do anything special to unicode strings,
because i am a country bumpkin in the 'states and have no experience with or
use for unicode, nor any way to type it.

the code still uses gchar all over the place, so i was planning to make it
just a new typemap for gchar which does the appropriate utf8 conversions, but
like i said, i don't know what those are.

I already made those typemaps... They are in the non-xs version. And
attached here.

it will be relatively easy --- in gperl.h declare and in GType.xs define
functions newSVgchar and SvGChar which convert between SV and gchar*
appropriately; then create in gperl's typemap a new entry to use those instead
of simply mapping gchar* to T_PV as it currently does.

a complication is the fact that in many places we handle gchars without the
typemap.  these need to be replaced with newSVgchar / SvGChar instead of
newSVpv / SvPV_nolen.

If noone beats me to it, I won't mind doing it. However it won't be for
the next week at least (deadlines at work). As muppet said it not hard,
but quite time consuming.

gchar * T_GCHAR

        $var = ($type)SvPV_nolen($arg)

        sv_setpv((SV*)$arg, $var);

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