Re: [gtk2-perl-xs] GList

Phanatic said:
hello gtk2-perl-xs developers,

i have a little question: when will you implement GList, that we could use
GtkCombo for example? i don't want to hurry you, because i'm sure you have
to do many other things...

ross implemented and commited Gtk2::Combo->set_popdown_strings yesterday.
it doesn't use GList --- it just uses a perl list.

  $combo->set_popdown_strings (qw/this that something another/);

we won't implement GSList or GList, as they aren't perlish.  we'll just
return or accept perl lists instead.

in addition to that GtkRadioButton and GtkRadioMenuItem have initial versions
committed, the latter has yet to be tested by myself (or possibly anyone.)
Check out the recent archives for a quite lengthy post from me about the
design/logic behind how they were implemented (and everyone should post their
thoughts on the subject)

the only place i see where there's a GList/GSList to be dealt with is in
GtkAccelGroup, which isn't fully implemented for other reasons.


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