Perl-Gtk, DoEvents, Your thoughts?

To all-

I've tried searching the archives a couple different ways to see if this has already been answered, if it has, I must not be using the correct terminology.

I've got a simple Perl-Gtk application that performs network (LWP) queries. My problem is whenever I make a Perl-Gtk call inside a subroutine that is performing the network queries, I find it doesn't get shown visibily until the entire subroutine ends.

Now I have tried moving the Perl-Gtk functions into their own sub , and calling them from there, however I still get the long pause while network activity is taking place.

In the Visual Basic world, you could use a DoEvents command to allow the system to handle events during long running loops. Is there something akin to this in the Perl-Gtk world? Perhaps I'm completely looking in the wrong place and need to consider forking the network activity?

Any thoughts you might have on the subject would be valuable.



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