Gtk-Perl, Gtk2-Perl, and Gtk2-Perl-XS recipes

There has been some talk of lack of documentation for Gtk-Perl and it's Gtk2
relatives.  I too have run into this problem.  And the problem is not limited to
just the Perl bindings.  I have had problems finding good information on the
native C code.  The Gnome developer website (
does a great job documenting the API, but it doesn't help if you don't know what
you are looking for.  So what can we do?  Well, we (those experience with
Gtk-Perl) can create a cookbook.  There is already a start on this in the
Gtk-Perl pod, but it doesn't contain many recipes.  What we need is more recipes
and someone who will collect, test, and publish them on the web and in the pod.
 I will do this, but I need your help, please post your recipes with a subject
line of "RECIPE:recipe name" to this list. 

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