Re: new gtk2-perl

muppet wrote:

is that because i was too verbose and not clear enough, or because you
don't know the type system very well? 

The latter - I should have mentioned it. I don't even know the Gtk2 C 
internals very well. I'm a pure Perl hacker and have a lot of experience
with the Perl side of Gtk1, and some with the Perl side of Gtk2 ;)

pygtk uses a generator to write the vast majority of the methods.  they
use a defs file to specify the methods to be bound, with "overrides"
files implementing the functions the stuff that needs special handling,
such as complicated parameter sets or "own" semantics.

in the case of the style of XS i've tried to set up, the XS definitions
pretty much *are* the simple defs, and the non-simple stuff is
implemented right there.

Sounds absolute resonably for me.

actually, parts of the perl side will change, mostly for the better. 
mainly, no more will the perl developer be required to call ->free or

I'll try to get my own apps to work with the new Gtk2 the next days. 
We'll see if there are some bugs to report or not... ;)



Joern Reder

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