Re: problem with accessing a widget from outside of signal handler subs

Hi Sebastian,

I am sorry to reply so late but I have been away for a time.

Sebastian Weitzel wrote:

Hi, maybe this question is too simple for you, but i can't find it out.

I use the actual glade-perl 0.60 with glade 0.6.4 and gtk-perl 0.7008.
I generated with help of glade-perl a set of perl files. I have a tree
widget which I want to access from

The definition of the tree is in , I successfully modified
the tree in signal subs in

My problem is: I have created a package "tree" with a sub create_root( )
, which I want to run at beginning (of program execution) Where do I
have to call tree:create_root(), so that it is called at beginning?
I usually do this sort of stuff in a sub eg main::app_init() which I call
in main::app_run(). 

BTW I am not sure what the effects of using package 'main' for UI class
will be - can it conflict with the default perl package 'main'?

Another Problem is, I can't get reference to the tree!
I have snipped out the code to show you my problem.

in sub tree:create_root(), how can I access the 'datatree' if I don't
have know what $form is. Because all is declared as strict (my declared)
I don't have access to $form or $window.

I have temporarily "solved" the problem with delivering $form to the
sub. But this only works from locations where $form is valid. (in signal
I can only think that you hold a global reference to the constructed
object and then use the supplied FORM() method to get at the widgets:

  $window = new main;
  $datatree = $window->FORM->{'datatree'};

Get back to me if I have misunderstood or not answered your question.

Regards, Dermot

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