I am having trouble appending buttons to a toolbar, Am I right that
Toolbar.c casts the return value of gtk_toolbar_append_element() as a
Gtk2::Object and not as a Gtk2::Widget?

The gtk2 docs say that append_element() returns a GtkWidget which is 
what I want as I need to do things with the elements appended.

I guess that the cast is to allow the signal_connect to work but this
causes all methods (eg RadioButton->get_group) to fail.

I tried various frigs but got nowhere :(

Regards, Dermot

PS Thank you everybody, I reckon that the Gtk2-Perl project is coming 
along very well and I now have Glade-Perl-Two generating Gtk2-Perl code 
and reporting on missing widgets and methods. The code does not run with
these missing methods but I can supply the diagnostics if it would help.

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