Re: gtk2-perl CVS 20021017

Dermot Musgrove <dermot glade perl connectfree co uk> writes:

Guillaume Cottenceau wrote:

Current CVS should not contain gtk2-perl-helpers.h anymore,
anyway, it has been splitted.
Yes, I have the new setup now but I cannot compile any widgets. 

I run a Mandrake 8 setup with glibc-2.2.2 and perl-5.6.0 and I reckon 
that this is the problem. 
I will have to get a new for the Mandrake package 
of perl-5.8.0 which is a bit too much work for me until I can install a 
new dist or recompile perl from scratch?

Maybe a simple rpm --rebuild of current Cooker perl package
would wokr (Pixel is taking care of our perl package, not me),
but it will possibly break the rest of your system. I wouldn't
suggest that.
The actual error messages for Gtk2::Container are:

/usr/bin/perl /usr/lib/perl5/5.6.0/ExtUtils/xsubpp  -typemap


Container.c: In function `XS_Gtk2__Container_add':
Container.c:37: warning: unused variable `Perl___notused'
Container.c: In function `XS_Gtk2__Container_set_border_width':
Container.c:65: warning: unused variable `Perl___notused'
Container.c: In function `boot_Gtk2__Container':
Container.c:96: warning: unused variable `Perl___notused'
make: *** [Container.o] Error 1

I see, so this is the XS generation which is not good/scrict
whatever enough, it's not meant to compile stuff with -Werror.

Ok, so let it be like that: no -Werror in the CVS, and as for me
when I develop I will add it by hand to try to keep the best
quality level of the code.
I managed to get several widgets to compile by removing the -Werror
from the file's OPTIMIZE line. I see that you have now moved
all this to Gtk2/ (brilliant idea) so I removed the -Werror
there and it all works again :) 

Goran's idea :).

I see that even Goran is moving to "factorize" the code and this
is really good. I'm currently finishing off the casts and
function constructors, to prevent from the current state where we
have much code redundancy (I'll post on the mailing-list when
it's commited, so that all gtk2-perl developers will hopefully do
use these macros/functions!).

We can't afford letting current duplication of code in the
project if we want it to extend to real usability while keeping
maintainability, IMO.
Is there an easy way to omit 'unused-variable' warnings without losing 
the others?

I don't know gcc well enough to be able to keep -Werror but not
counting the unused-variable errors...

Hopefully all gtk2-perl developers who use perl-5.8 will locally
modify to -Werror, in order to have good code quality.

Guillaume Cottenceau -

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