Re: gtk2-perl CVS 20021017

On Sat, Oct 19, 2002 at 03:44:26AM +0100, Dermot Musgrove wrote:
goran kirra net wrote:
I didn't get the 041-script to run OK on my machine,
the "use Gtk2::Window" bit failed.
I added them to CVS anyway.
I am having problems compiling GObject and GSignal and this causes
all Gtk2 methods to fail - gtk2-perl-helpers.h missing?

It did work with perl 5.8 (debian sid) but not on 5.6.1 (debian sarge)
which is strange. I dont have access to the failing machine now so
I'll leave as is at least until next week.

I have also attached a new version of Gtk2::Test with better 
documentation and changes suggested by Guillaume's email that it
should be acceptable to expect a known error as a successful test.



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