Re: gtk2-perl licenes (was: Re: gtk2-perl now available from CVS)

On Tue, Oct 15, 2002 at 11:37:47PM +0200, Joern Reder wrote:
goran kirra net wrote:

Great. I browsed a bit through the repository and I have a question 
regarding the license of gtk2-perl.

The widget classes are licensed under LGPL, while other files are under
GPL/Artistic, like Perl itself. I think this should be consistent. I'd 
vote for GPL/Artistic, because that's the usual license for Perl modules
and has proved itself for a long time.

I choose LGPL for the module since Gtk+ itself uses that license
and so does pygtk. By choosing the same licence we can review and 
even "steal" snippets without license worries.
Besides LGPL gives you about the same priviliges as GPL+Artistic
so I don't think it is a big thing to worry about.

For examples other non-module code the author can choose whatever
license he/she wants.

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