Re: New gtk2-perl snapshot 2002-10-11

Hi Goran,

I was a contributor to get-perl module a while back in 1998. and 1999. when
Kenneth Albanowski was maintaining the stuff.

Great thing that gtk2-perl is finaly shaping up. I will try to help as much
as time permits.

Is there some ToDo or tasks list so I can fetch any of the tasks and start

I would like to take a look at Tree and List widgets, is it OK?

Also, it would be a good thing to have all-in-one widget demonstration perl
script (just like in gtk-perl).


The primary goal is to support core Gtk+-2.0.

Yup! That's right thing to do! (IMHO)

Once the needed functionality it gtk+ is their
other projects could be started to build on that

IMHO gnome2-perl should probably be a separate perl module
depending on gtk2-perl.

Yes, when Tuomas J. Lukka started to add Gnome functionality to gtk-perl all
started to look very messy. I would prefer separate modules!

Personally I do not run the Gnome desktop so applet
programming is not a priority for me, but this is
free software so it should not depend on my to be implemented.


On Fri, Oct 11, 2002 at 06:25:03PM -0400, Ed Halley wrote:

One application area which will be very interesting for perl-gtk2 is to
properly act as an applet or docklet in the gnome2 panel areas.  I hope
efforts will include the required classes for this.


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