[gtk2-perl] new Inline 0.44 release

----------------- snip -----------------------------------
Inline version 0.44 is a semi-major release:
+ This version is intended to be backwards compatible with 0.43.
+ Fixed many bugs reported since 0.43
+ Sped up parsing of C with 'USING => ParseRegExp'
+ Added BUILD_NOISY and BUILD_TIMERS options
+ Use File::Spec for all path operations. First step in porting to all
+ Always call ILSM->validate()
+ Allow C++ modules to be written with Inline
+ New improved Inline::MakeMaker
----------------- snip -----------------------------------

Should we stay 0.43 compatible or 
just hack away on what 0.44 gives us?

gtk2-perl is pre-alpha after all 
so we will hopefully not break 
any production code yet.



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