Re: gtk-perl for gtk2. how to start?

Don't hesitate to send anything :)

I think if you'll share the first part, a few people (including me if I
can) will help you :)

On 24 Mar 2002, Nathan Mueller wrote:

Why don't you post a progress report, and maybe what your plans are.

Basically I'm creating a uber-h2xs that will generate all the necessary
source files for you.  As of now I've done, and tested, everything
except G*kDefs.h generation.  Since this week is my spring break (and
I'm a CS major) I should be have nothing to do but work on this.  I'll
post what I have as soon as it builds.

So far, here's my plan.  It's a little out there, so let me know what
you think.  The distro will contain a program that will, given the
installed Gtk header files, create all the files needed to build the
library.  Besides the source for perl-only functions, no xs source will
be distributed.  Hopefully this will eliminate the need to release new
versions for new Gtk releases.  Additionally, if you run with a hacked
Gtk you'll be able to use those features right out of the box.  This may
not work in the long run (I wouldn't be too surprised) but at least
it'll give us a good start in porting to 2.0.


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