Re: Gtk::MozEmbed - how to submit forms on pages rendered with it?

On 7 Mar 2002, Daouda LO wrote:


Vlad Harchev <hvv hippo ru> writes:


 I desperately need to be able to submit forms on pages rendered with
Gtk::MozEmbed. Is there any information on how to do it? It it sufficient
to make hooks to some combination of signals (with proper return values) or
it will require extending XS code?

Ok, last time i answered you, the list were not in cc:
Anyway, here we go again.
Gtk:MozEmbed isn't well supported within the non-threaded perl.
Either you do (x being the soname) before
launching your program or you get html page through LWP::get and feed 
the mozilla widget. The latter being the cleanest way to do it.

 Thank you for the information. Of course I used LD_PRELOAD trick - otherwise
I wouldn't be able to see the page containing the form to fill. I haven't had
any stability problems with it yet. The problem is that I can't submit any
form. Visiting links that are CGI GET requests (e.g.
http://server/cgi-bin/handler?arg1=value1) works just fine - but the forms
(with any method of processing - GET or POST) can't be submitted - GtkMozEmbed
widget does nothing (though I see how the button gets pressed when I click on

 Thank you for your answer.

 Best regards,

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