Re: getting Gtk-Perl to compile with Perl 5.8

      perl -pi -e '/CCCMD/ && s|/m;|/mg;|' */Makefile.PL

I checked my command-history in the term I built the
package in, this is the
correct fix. Run that from the top level of the Gtk

Okay this works great! However seems now make
PREFIX=/where/I/want/it install is broken. Can
somebody tell me how to redirect the install to
another directory? This is for a package I am
compiling for a linux distro.

With Perl 5.6.1 doing:

make PREFIX=/location/to/put/shit install 

That worked. With 5.8.0 is doesn't. I looked through
the Makefile but I cannot see which variable is the
right one to do what I need.

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