Re: wrapper for gtk_clist_set_compare_func is incorrect

On 31 Jan 2002, kevin montuori wrote:

 Hello, Kevin!

Vlad Harchev writes:

  vh> Here is my problem: I need to have a custom clist sorting
  vh> function.

perhaps Gtk::HandyCList (available from cpan) would help?

from the description:

     This is a version of Gtk::CList which takes care of some
     common things for the programmer. For instance, it keeps
     track of what's stored in the list, so you don't need to
     keep a separate array; when the column titles are clicked,
     the list will be re-sorted according to user-supplied
     functions or some default rules. It allows you to reference
     columns by name, instead of by number.
it's worked well for me.

 Thank you for the pointer. No, it's of no use for me - I created a similar
(and probably more powerfull) module that serves almost the same purpose as
HandyCList but has slightly different design and concepts, and wrote a lot of
code for it. So, it won't be of any use for me..
 On the other hand, it just occured to me that I can do the sorting in my
module, not relying on clist's compare functions at all - but it seems it
would be better to fix GtkPerl than to work around it..


 Best regards,

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