wrapper for gtk_clist_set_compare_func is incorrect


 First, I'm very delighted with GtkPerl package! Thank you very much for it!

 Unfortunately, there are places it could be improved in.
 Here is my problem: I need to have a custom clist sorting function. The
callback that can be installed via Gtk::Clist->set_compare_func doesn't allow
this to be done - the callback is passed the content of the cells being
compared - instead of data's of the rows being sorted.. So it's practically
impossible to sort CList other than stringwise (or in the trivial cases if the
cell contan unprettified numeric values, by value) - e.g. in my app the cells 
contain date representation with 1 day precision, while internally the date
is known with 1 second precision - and I have no ability to sort clist
correctly by date, not stringwise.

 What I ask is to add 2 more parameters to the comparator callback - the datas
of the rows, so instead of 3 parameters (clist,cell1text,cell2text,@userdata)
it will recieve (clist,cell1text,cell2text,@userdata,row1data,row2data). This
won't break compatibility IMHO for the most of the code.

 What do you think about this?

 If I knew XS and how to wrap C code for perl, I would do this myself.. 
I demand this extension very much..

 Thank you in advance!

 Best regards,

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