Re: Gtktree bug?

Well, yes thanks for verifing, but actually I would need those. (this is
only a simplified version of my program to show the bug).

I also investigated that if I use 'single' mode in the gtktree
( $gtktree->set_selection_mode('single'); )
than everthing is OK. But I would like to use 'browse' selection mode,
and with browse mode and those set_sensitive calls together I get get the
bug :(

On Mon, 21 Jan 2002 Joao Moreira reuters com wrote:

Hi Balazs,

I don't really know what causes this. I did reproduce it, and I found that
if you remove the calls to set_sensitive in the callback ::

sub on_tree_select_row {
           print "on_tree_select_row\n";
           my ($widget, $node) = @_;

===>       $gtktree->set_sensitive(0);
===>       $gtktree->set_sensitive(1);
           print "RETURN\n";

then the problem goes way. But why, I don't know.


Joăo Moreira de Sá Coutinho
joao moreira reuters com
Paris, France

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