Re: Gtk::Table colors?

Long time lurker, first time poster...

I'm in the process of switching a mod_perl application to Perl-GTK. 
When I create a table using Gtk::Table, is there a way to change the
foreground / background colors for the cells?

There is no way to do that, but you may change colors for widgets-children
attached to table.  

Or do I do that with the Label widget?  Either way I don't see how to do
it and/or example code.

Label widget doesn't have its own window and use parent's one. So to change
background for Label widget you should change style of its parent.
If parent's style can not be changed you may create an intermediate
widget-container especially for colors of the label.

The application make use of colors to separate sections of data and make
it easier to read.  This is super easy with html...

Best regards

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