Re: Gtk::Table colors?

Just curious,  how are you porting an application from mod_perl to Gtk
Perl?  I'm sure it makes sense but to be strictly correct,  mod perl
has nothing to do with GUI's and GTK-perl has nothing to do with the
web(very stricly,  speaking,  of course ;-).  In Reality they both
interact with these elements in numerous ways).  

But you are probably porting a Web based app to be one that runs
locally,  right?

As for your question,  I'm not expert,  but check out the c API for
tables.  If there is a call in c it was probably wrapped and the
calling semantics are the same or similar.  

Or maybe not. 

;-)  Best of luck.

Robert G. Werner
rwerner mail microbsys com

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On 7 Feb 2002, Tom Cross wrote:

Long time lurker, first time poster...

I'm in the process of switching a mod_perl application to Perl-GTK. 
When I create a table using Gtk::Table, is there a way to change the
foreground / background colors for the cells?

Or do I do that with the Label widget?  Either way I don't see how to do
it and/or example code.

The application make use of colors to separate sections of data and make
it easier to read.  This is super easy with html...

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