Re: Development status of Gtk-Perl?

On Thu, Aug 15, 2002 at 03:46:03PM -0700, Mark Ivey wrote:
I have a question about the development status of gtk-perl.  The last
news entry on is from over a year ago.  I've searched
for mentions of Gtk2 bindings, but the only answer I found was 3 months
old.  I haven't seen any mention of getting gtk-perl to work on win32
outside of cygwin (i.e. like gimp).

I hacked around to see what the problems really was.
The main problems seems to me to be in the changes in 
signal handling in Gtk+ 2.0. 
Solve that and the rest of the port of existing
base Gtk module will be a not too difficult.

So...what's the status?  Is gtk-perl being worked on?  By who?  What
help is needed?

See above,
- hack on the signal handling and post the result to get the ball rolling.

happy hacking,

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