Re: Mozilla 1.0 patch

Hi all ,

On Sun, 18 Aug 2002 22:13:56 -0300
Raul Dias <chaos swi com br> wrote:

I am sending this to the list as the Gtk-Perl development
seems to be dead, however a lot of other perlers (as myself)
still use it.
I hope 'dead' here is just a manner of speaking ... 

I'd reaaally like somebody with authority or knowledge could answer one of these numerous questions asked 
around one concern : what about Gtk-Perl ? ( don't misinterpret me please , i'm appealing for nothing here 
except information , thank you really for everything that's been done so far even though it stops now , but 
i'm anxious about my apps having a future , so ... ) .

best regards,
Me as well

Raul Dias
D vid 

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